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Blog de Nagore Pablo y Marco

Today we have with us all a student of the I.E.S Agaete of 1st year of high school, who has recently made an exhibition on climate change.
Hi, Fabián Gil Vega let's start with the questions:

N:-Well Fabian tell us a little about the exhibition.

F:-Well in the exhibition we talk about greenhouse gases and what happens with them. We also talked about how the poles melt and how it affects the planet and even the species that live there.

N:-How did you come up with the idea of the project?

F:-Well, it really did not occur to us but it was a job we had to do and we decided to do it on the thaw and greenhouse gases.

N:-Who participated in this project?

F:-We participate in the class of 1st baccalaureate of science and biology teacher Elena.

N:-What will you recommend to young people?

F:-May they pressure mayors and governments a little more to take more serious measures to stop climate change and recycle more

N:-Finally, what is your opinion about climate change?

F:-Climate change is a reality that all human beings suffer because of politicians who did not take action at the time and we are no longer talking about avoiding it but stopping it

canary places by rayco an jama

Hi, welcome to Gran Canaria.

In our tour we are going to show you some cool places to go:

Some things you can do is mountaineering in Tamadaba and visit the forest of laurisilva or the jungle of doramas.

Can also visit somer many “ROQUES” like the Roque Nublo or The Frailillo

You can visit a lot of beaches along the island, You can also go to the volcanos.

The only beautis are not in natural things, like the bridge of laurisilva.

The maipes is a beautifull place … is a cementery of ancient canarian people

You can entertain yourselfe with some intelectual museums like the elder museum of science in las palmas and the la rama museum in agaete.

Eating? Don’t worry about that, in Canary there are a lot of restaurants with tipical canary food:

- mojo con papas - jarea        - clipper fresa
- gum of tabaiba  - sancocho - ropa vieja

In Gran Canaria you can do a lot of activities like rock climbing, paragliding, surfing or windsurfing, diving and a lot more.

In conclusion, Gran Canaria is a excelent place to vissit alone, with a tour or with family and friends

And that’s everithing we can show you, now, go and explore on your own

see you

By: Rayco and Jaime.

Marco's interview


1.What is your name?
-My name is Marco.

2.How old are you?
-I’m 13 years old.

3.Where are you from?
-I’m from Agaete.

4.Where do you study?
-In the IES Agaete Pépe Dámaso.

5.What do you in your free time?
-I go for a walk.

6.How many brothers or sisters have you got?
-I have one brother.

7.Have you got pets?
-Yes, I have many pets.

8.What is your parent’s name?
-My mother’s name is Ascension and my father’s name is Jose Antonio.

9.What do you want to do in the future?
-I want to be a trumpet player.

10.What do yuor parents do?
-My father is a bus driver and my mother is as housewife.

11.Do you like the high school?
-Yes,it depends on the day.

12.Do you have many friends in the high school?
-Yes,I have many friend.

13.How is your house?
-My house is big.

14.Do you like to study?
-No,I don’t like studying.

15.Do you do any sports?
-Yes,with my friends.

16.Have you got girlfriend or boyfriend?
-No,I’m single.

17.Where would you like to go?
-I would like to go tu Dubai.

18.Do you have friends in differents countries?
-Yes, in Argentina and in Canadá.

19.What are you hobbies?
-My hobbies are playing the trumpet and playing football.

20.How do you describe yourself?
-I could not describe myself.

 Resultado de imagen de IES Agaete Pepe Damaso                      Izora y Cristina       3A


                                                               OUR HIGH SCHOOL

We enter trough the marn door and find he playground apposite there are the bleachers where we have beakfast,to the right of the stands we find he cafeteria and he estectic classes.We continue and find the starirf to go up to the second floor,where you  to the administration , in that corridor we also find he art cclass ,1ºA 2ºB, 1ºPMAR, there is also thr computer room ,technology, physics and chemistry,biology the staff room and de library on the third floor we find the audiovisual class , orientation , music , language, class room and unfolding , on the other side of the hall , there are classes of 2ºA, 1ºB,3ºA, 3ºB , 4ºA,1ºBACH ,2ºBACH and aesthetics.
It´s very pretty.
The bad thing about he institute is that we have to get up very early to take he bus and come to el Turmán. Apart from getting up early there are more things we don´t like,some classes are boring,the teachers are sometimes very hard and many of the classmates so not stop studing. Ther are rules, just use de mobile in the yard, do not run through the halls, go to the bathroom with the teachers permission.
Well it´s really not that bad....LOL






 One of the best known parties in Agaete is LA RAMA. Celebrates on August 4th of each year.Every years on the 3rd day the habitans of the towns, climbs EL PINAR DE TAMADABA, to look for its brandnes and the 4th they in who go to look for a branch in the town. There eat  chicken broth and sandwiches. At 10:30 the flyer sound and the Agate bands start to play and everyone starts dancing. LA RAMA goes throught the whole town until arriving to Las Nieves. When it reaches Las Nieves, everyone gets in the water with day branches. It is one on the parties in wich more people come from on parts and is very famous. Another of the best known festivals is BIO@GAETE. People from every where come here it is usually in late August or early September. It is a festivals in which several music groups of different musical genres perform and last 2 or 3 days. This year it had to be delayed because there was a fire that affected  several municipies and PINAR DE TAMADAMA was also affected. That is why it will be helps  on  1 and 2 the November.

Resultado de imagen de RAMA DE AGAETE 
                                                                        Resultado de imagen de BIOAGAETE


     La Aldea´s Trip

On Friday 18th october 2019 most of the students went to la Aldea de San Nicolás.

The Trip began at 8:15 AM when the students went to the Bus.

When we arrived to la Aldea at 9 o´clock We took photo with all the students . Next , we had breakfast.

Then we made the activities:

  • Trekking:we visited the deposit and forest of Tarajal
  • Photo contest
  • “Brilé”
  • football
  • “pañuelito”

When we finished the activities we had free time.

At 13:15 we went to the Bus and come back to the High School.

We had a lot of fun


You can go to Puerto de Las Nieves where you can swim in the sea, you can dive from the Muelle.
You can also take the Fred Olsen ferry to go to Tenerife. 
Near the port you can walk by the sea and go to the natural pools. From where you can wolk towards the Turmán.
A lot of people often run up and down the Turmán because it´s a hill.
Near that, there is a sports club.
You can sign up for classes, such as swimming, tennis, crossfit. Sometimes there are football and basketball matches. There are also paddle´s matches and finally there is the gym where you can do everything you want, but you must be at least 16 years old.
If you go to the Valle de Agaete it is Tamadaba where many tourists go for walks.
In Maipes there is an arqueological park where many tourists go to visit the different remains.
Then there is the "Aldea". To get there, you have to go by car or make a journey and starting from La Palmita and you can also go to playa de Guayedra by foot.
Tourists often do the ciclying routes on this road.
Near, there is a small park where you can do clymbing and various things of gymnastic artistic and often there are many children in the afternoon. 
Not only humans do activites, the animals can too. There are spaces for them to have fun and play.
Animals can run,jump over obstacles, etc.
In Agaete you can do many activites.                                                                     L. N.
 Resultado de imagen de maipesResultado de imagen de aldea gran canaria
 Resultado de imagen de IMAGENES de agaeteResultado de imagen de IMAGENES de agaete muelle
Resultado de imagen de tamadaba Resultado de imagen de IMAGENES de agaete